The Victorian Literature

The Victorian Literature 1832-1901

⏹The Victorian Age refers to the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901。 It is considered as the height of the Industrial Revolution in Britain and the apex of the British Empire。

⏹Key Words: the Victorian Age; the Victorian novels; dramatic monologue; the rise of female writers; the characteristics of Realistic novels

The Victorian Age may be subdivided into three periods: ⏹The early Victorian period ( 1832-1848), a time of social unrest.

⏹The middle-Victorian period ( 1848-1870), a period of economic prosperity and religious controversy。

⏹This time of social unrest left its mark on some early Victorian literature。

⏹The late Victorian period ( 1870-1901), a period of decay of Victorian values。

⏹In literature of the late Victorian period, melancholy was characteristic of its spirit, which was best expressed by Oscar Wilde, representative of the Aesthetic Movement。

The Victorian Literature 1832-1901


❑Queen Victoria her age 1837-1901

❑three periods

⏹1832-48 hard time economically & politically

Reform Bill 1832 The Chartist Movement 1836-48

⏹1848-70 stability and prosperity

highest international position & real establishment of the British Empire

Queen Victoria‟s influence on social life

❑herself: the symbol of social value --- moderation & respectability

❑her time: “the polite society

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