Chinese Business etiquette and culture

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[Chinese Business etiquette and culture]


Chapter 4: meetings and negotiations :generalities


The meeting room 会议室

At the Ministry or factory, you can expect to be shown to a special room that is kept solely for meetings. Some new buildings might be different but typically it is rather warm, furnished with soft old-fashioned sofas and chairs, and has a meeting table with hard chairs around it. It strongly resembles a period piece from a film set and is far superior to the rooms in which the Chinese actually work. There are so spartan and poorly equipped that it is essential to have the special meeting rooms for entertaining visitors, especially foreigners, in any institutions.It is possible that further down the track, when you have developed a good relationship, you will find that you are led to a different and probably not quite so nice room.Decent rooms are at premium and many people wish to meet their visitors in the best one! If this happens, relax!it shows they have begun to feel easy with you and trust is beginning to develop.


If they suggest that you could all meet in your hotel, accept this. It is easier for you with less travelling; you have access to your files and notebook computer; the conditions are more comfortable; and the Chinese will enjoy the luxury, including having access to things like Coca Cola. This helps to put them in a happier state of mind. Try to get all such drinks or food items put on your bill-insist on this while smiling courteously. This gains you an edge, and a little leverage, because they will feel they owe you something and might feel obliged to repay in some way that might be useful to you.


The introduction ritual and early meetings


Identify their leader!

Protocol demands that you look first at their leader and greet him or her before

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